Rick is a fashion and fine art portraiture photographer with over 20 years of experience.  He specializes in portraits, runway fashion, agency shoots, sport event, and fine art.

His NYFW work is focused less on content for magazines and almost exclusively for social media support of designers and models.  His intent is to shift NYFW away from what he calls the two dimensional "flat media" to an approach that focus on the personality of the designer collection and the mood of the posing and total approach of the runway show. He is now entering his 8th season with NYFW.

 From his background in art and graphic design Rick kept the idea and feeling that a picture needs a soul and a story.  He strives to bring that in his portraiture approach to photography - whether fashion or fine art.  His personal work is exploring how to bring more of the person, their personality, and moods to fashion and fine editorial with a portraiture bent.

Rick is based out of New York City, Sandy Hook CT, and on occasion his other home in the world, Perth Australia.

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